Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant which is highly demanded lately, is a kind of hair transplantation which applied for the face as beard. It is based on the transference of the healthy hair from the donor area and transplant to the bald beard and moustache area.


Beard tranplant can be applied to chin, cheek, sideburns and moustache. This application can be also used for covering the spot marks or the scars.

Hair loss in the beard and moustache area may occur by various reasons. This situation may be genetical or it may happen after some other reasons such as laser hair removal, surgical operations or after burnt, etc.

In the beard Transplant, it can be made densification with the grafts to be transplanted or it can be transplanted to the completely bald areas. Thus, it is reached to the dream images of beard or moustache.

Grafts number can vary. This numbers are around 350-500 grafts for moustache, 600-700 grafts for the chin, 200-250 grafts for sideburn, and also 300-700 grafts for cheek area.


The grafts to be conveyed are taken from the nape or the temporal side. It is decided to the donor area depending on the condition of the hair. The hair grafts are taken according to their characteristic similarity to the recipient area. As an important point, the graft numbers lower after the beard transplant and if you want to have a hair transplant in the future this information must be taken into consideration. Because donor area is the same for both hair transplant and beard transplant.

The colour distribution of the transplanted hair, unity and homogenity of hair angles and directions are the main stage of the expertise.


Beard transplant is applied with the local anesthesia and under the administration of the sedation application. It lasts for 5-6 hours depending on the graft number. It can be said that the operation is generally painless. Little scabs occur after the operation aroud the recipient area. The recipient area must be reserved dry and shouldn’t be touched.

10 days after the operation, you shouldn’t shave your beard. Because of that, you should arrange your schedule in your social life or business life according to this necessity.

The second day after the operation it is allowed to the easy pysical activities. If the person comes from abroad, it is allowed him/her to return to his/her country in that day.

The transplanted hair starts to fall down in two weeks. There is no need to worry. In three months, it starts to regrow and no never falls down.

You should follow the instructions to prevent the infection or scar mark.

Before and after the operation you should follow the guidance of your expert doctor. This will provide you to have a smooth operation of beard transplant with a qood result.