DHI Hair Transplant

Do you feel sad about your hair and feel unhappy? It is not a perminent problem. You can have wonderful hair with a hair transplant and a strong image that you desire.

DHI ( Direct Hair Implant) is a successful hair transplant method which is a recent technology. You can have a hair transplant without shaving with DHI Hair Transplant and you can return to your daily routine in the next day.

DHI Hair Transplant
In the common version of hair transplantation, micro-channels are opened to the recipient area and placed to the grafts. In DHI technique, it is done with the CHOI pen specialized for hair transplantation.

Thanks to genetical factors, the hair above ear and the hair on the nape don’t fall down. The grafts taken from those area, are placed into the CHOI pens and injected to the bald area according to the angle of the hair.

Advantages of DHI Method:

– It provides a hair transplant operation without shaving. Especially the women generally don’t want to shave their head so they prefer this method typically.
– Because there is no need to open micro-channels on the bald area, it is easier to recover.
– Because it is injected directly and grafts contact with the outside less, success rate is high.
– You can adapt your daily routine after the operation in a short time. In the standart FUE technique, there is slightly redness on the head and it lasts for 15-20 days. However, in the DHI Hair Transplant method this process takes time for 5 days on an avarage.

The transplanted hair falls down in the first three months and regrow again in a strong way. Hair makes notable progress at the end of the fifth month and it completes the progression at the end of the 1 year

Disadvantage : It cannot be applied with high number of grafts. With DHI method, it can only applied for maximum 4000 grafts in 1 session.

Change is possible. You can take the first step fort he change by just an operation which takes 8 hours.