Hair Transplant

With a hair Transplant, you will meet your strong hair that you always long for.

There are several reasons for hair loss; genetical factors, diseases, stress and the other vital reasons can cause the hair loss starting from the age 25 to 45.

Hair loss in dense amount and baldness may cause low self-esteem and unhappiness. However, baldness is not a perminent situation anymore; you may meet your strong hair with a hair transplant and enhance your image and self-esteem.

Hair Transplant starting since 1990 gives successful results by developing new medical techniques and hair transplant techniques.

Hair Transplant is completely natural technique and the transplanted hair is your own hair. The grafts on the nape and above ears don’t fall down by genetical factors and they are conveyed to the bald areas.

After the operation lasting 8 hours, the transplanted hair falls down in the first 3 months and starts to regrow again. The change is observed at the end of the 6 months and it completes its absolute improvement at the end of 1 year.

Hair transplant is a clinical operation. It must be fulfilled by experts in the clinics which have very good conditions.

There are 3 hair transplant methods which gives successful results contemporarily.

Every method has different techniques and advantages. Our experts recommend the most suitable techniques for you according to your need considering your donor area and the recipient area based on your hair analysis.

FUE Hair Transplant
DHI Hair Transplant ( Transplant without shaving hair)
Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant
In the most common Hair Transplant technique FUE; the healthy hair grafts taken from the nape and also from the above ear, are placed into the micro-channels. By shaving hair, 6000 grafts can be transplanted in 1 session… read more…

DHI Hair Transplant
In this method named as DHI (Direct Hair Implant), taken grafts directly conveyed to the bald areas by a special pen named CHOI which is specialized for hair transplanting. The biggest advantage of this method is you dont need to shave your hair for hair transplant… read more…

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant is applied by the expert with a sapphire tool instead of metal slit in the classical FUE technique. Thanks to the Sapphire tool, there won’t be any mark on the scalp and the recovery process is speedy. In addition, Ice Cell Sapphire method has an advantage in the keeping of the grafts… read more…