Hair Transplant Without Shaving

You don’t need to shave your hair for hair transplantation. You can get hair transplantation done with DHI Hair Transplant Method and you can return to your daily routine 1 day after operation.

DHI Method is applied with CHOI pen tool specially designed for hair transplantation. The grafts taken from the donor are put to the CHOI pen tool and directly placed to the head. Because it is placed directly to the head without opening micro-channels, there won’t be any marks on the scalp and also provides speedy recovery

This method is preferred by the people who avoid the unwelcome look after the operation.

Hair Transplant Without Shaving For WomenHowever Hair Transplant with DHI technique can be applied in the operations for low-numbered grafts. In one session it can be worked for maximum 3000 grafts. This is an ideal method for enhancing and densifying the frontline of the hair.

For high-numbered grafts, the operations without shaving is not suitable. We don’t recommend DHI hair transplant for the operations with high-numbered grafts. We recommend FUE hair transplant method for the operations over 3000 grafts.

DHI hair transplant method is preferred by men but also mostly preferred by the woman. Men do not have problem with shaving the head. We also recommend shaving for the operation for the best result so it can be worked with high-numbered grafts and there will be better result. However, shaving may be a problem for the women.Women suffer from the sparse hair rather than baldness. In this kind of situations, women may get densification on hair without shaving

Briefly, it is possible hair transplantation with DHI Hair Transplant without shaving. However, it is convenient for the operations requires maximum 3000 grafts. For the operations over 3000 grafts, we recommend FUE technique.

Women can also prefer this method to enhance the front line of the hair or densification in hair.

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