SOFT FUE : FUE Hair Transplantation With Sedation Technique

In the hair transplantation field, each passing day we witness new improvements in or the make operations more comfortable. Soft Fue basicly means that hair transplanting under the effect of sedation.
First, we will review the fundamental steps o hair transplantation operation.

Hair transplantation consists of 4 fundamental steps. These are:

1) Preperation of Hair Transplanting: Preperation step refers to the disinfection of the donor and transplantation areas. Also, anesthesia is applied in the preperation part. The application of anesthesia determines the comfort quality of the operation. At this point, SOFT FUE exhibits its difference.

2) Harvesting Grafts: After anesthesia, the next step is collecting the hair follicules from the skin by using a device named micro-motor with rotating cylindirical pins in low-speed. The method of harvesting grafts affect the success of hair transplanting. In order to have a natural result, it is important collecting the hair follicles from the nape homogeneously and not leaving visible marks on the skin.

3) Creation of The Hair Transplantation Area: In order to obtain desired natural hair, this is the most important step. Density of the transplanted hair; and also the direction and the angle of the hair.
Angle between the hair and the scalp should be 40-45 degrees. The direction refers to the natural direction of hair acquired by combing. These two important considerations will create the best results after transplantation.

4) Hair Transplantation of Hair Follicles: Hair follicles are placed to the hair transplantation area and the operation is finalized. In this operation, hair follicles should be touched at a minimum level. Thus, it is prevented that the follicles get damaged.
As it is mentioned above, hair transplantation starts with the anesthesia, and the sedation which is apllied at the beginning of the operation makes you feel comfortable during the operation.

Anesthesia In the Hair Transplanting:
Anesthesia is the step that you may feel pain during the operation. There are 2 typical application of anesthesia contemporarily.
1) Anesthesia with the injection: In this method, the first anesthesia application is given by an injection. Although these injections have needlepoint, it may hurt. Beside, since the injections applied to the head, it may be painful.

2) Anesthesia applied by pressure: This anesthesia is apllied by a device that can inject the anesthetic material to the surface of the skin by pressure to reduce the pain. This device is touched to the skin and it releases the more fluid anesthetic material by the high pressure in it. Immediately afterwards, anesthesia with the injection is applied.

The first type of anesthesia is basicly does not spread homogenously and not a deeply painless method, even it may be felt slightly. However, the second type of anesthesia is adventageous in terms of being painless properly.

SEDATION: Sedation is a facility of anesthesia that can even be applied to the babies. Sedation is giving the pain-killing material to the body in a convenient dose. In this application, the person has consciousness but does not feel anything.
Sedation must be done by expert doctors. The pysical conditions, age and threshold for pain is important for the dose.

• SOFT FUE provides comfort for the patient and the operation team.
• The patient does not feel any pain during the local anesthesia.
• The patient is conscious during the operation.
• The patient can eat something before the operation. It is not forbidden for sedation.
• The patient can have all his need such as eating, drinking,wc, etc. during the operation.
• The patient can return to the hotel without having problem.
• The patient and the doctors can cooperate during the operation. It allows for communication.
• The patient experiences more pleasant and satisfactory operation.

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