Why You Should Choose İstanbul For Hair Transplant?

Hair is an important factor to enhance the self-esteem for women and also men. Hair loss may occur based on life conditions and health factors. However it is not a perminent problem.

With developped medical technologies, an expert team and a perfect hair transplant you can meet your dreamed image.

Hair Transplant briefly is to transfer of the healthy grafts taken from the nape and the hair above ears into the bald areas. It takes approximately 8 hours. It starts to improve in 3 months, it progresses in 6 months prominently and after 1 year it gives the result. For detailed information please click.

Hair Transplant operations are administrated in many places of the world. However, for a good result the most important factors are the experience of the operational team and the success of the operation. İstanbul is an advantageous city in this regard.

There are plenty of Clinic and experienced specialists present you great options.

We guarantee you the best service as Este Prime Clinic based on our 13 years’ experience. We have met our customers, mostly coming from Europe, England, Canada and from all over the world, with their dream image.

We are a boutique Clinic as Este Prime. Since our priority is having the best result, we give a lot of importance to the operation.

Our experienced team makes analysis of your hair and decide how many grafts you need and prepare you to the operation. What is more, we are always together with you. You only need to come to İstanbul for the operation. We make the transfers from/for the airports-hotel-clinic and we are ready to support you whenever you need.

You can sightsee the wonderful city of İstanbul.
Thus, you may have a hair transplant and also you may travel. You can stroll around this amazing historical city which connects the both continents seperated by Marmarasea and hosted Roma; and also you can enjoy the night life in İstanbul. If you like to discover the stupendous flavours İstanbul might be like heaven for you. Traditional cuisine of various kinds and also the world cuisine restaurants will satisfy you a lot.

Opportunity for Shopping

İstanbul is the city of advantages for also in the names of shopping. You can have the chance to buy from the famous brands by visiting the shopping malls which are situated in many places of the city. In addition, Grand Bazaar, one of the ancient places in İstanbul will make you surprised.

You need 3 days for hair transplantation. We offer you 3 days as package program. However; if you want to travel and sightsee the city you can share your plan with our team. We can help you about planning your travel and we make recommendations for you.

You can contact us fort he questions about hair transplantation and İstanbul. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. It is a pleasure to guide you.


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